Typography self-portrait poster designed for my graphic design class. 2018.

T-Shirt design created for the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute to be eye-catching and cool enough students might want to wear it.

Event logo design and poster.

EventBrite image for lecture series created to evoke the idea of self improvement and to go with other marketing materials.

Event logo design and poster to entice student participants.

Facebook graphic for competition held in 2017.

A combination of photo editing and illustration and graphic design for a personal project. 2017.

A banner I designed for a blog header. 2015

Final candidates for logo designed for a friend. 2015.

An infographic I designed for TechMD, Inc. about the theme park industry. 2014.

Created for a contest on the Friends of Josh Groban website. It was the winning entry. 2005.

Graphic Design

Some graphic design pieces I’ve done.

Pieces created for myself and for work.
Graphic Design