A banner I designed for a blog header. 2015

Final candidates for logo designed for a friend. 2015.

An infographic I designed for TechMD, Inc. about the theme park industry. 2014.

One of the images I created and designed for a blog post for TechMD, Inc. 2014.


A promotional sign made for a sale in the on-lot Warner Bros. store. 2012.

A promotional poster created for a sale at the on-lot Warner Bros. store imitating a design used for the JunkFood website. 2012.

A sign made for the on-lot Warner Bros. store. 2012.

A poster made just because I enjoy text designs. 2006.

Created for a contest on the Friends of Josh Groban website. It was the winning entry. 2005.


Some graphic design pieces I’ve done.

Mostly for myself.
Graphic Design